Inner Alchemy Cards Workshop

Fire Earth Air Water Spirit

The FULL online workshop is finally here!

After many requests for this workshop, I have finally compiled the best of all the years (since 2014!) of my Inner Alchemy Card making mojo into one complete class. Instead of the year-long, season by season process, you can now create your entire deck through all 4 elements at once. PLUS a brand new 13 card Spirit element to add to your deck!

This collage process is all about following your own inner guidance. What makes these cards truly magic, is the energy you pour into creating them, coupled with your personal connection to each one when reading and intuiting their meanings. They become a  unique and powerful tool connecting you with your deepest wisdom.

This workshop is completely self-paced and accessible to you whenever the time and inspiration allows! Making one card a day is a wonderful way to invite a steady creative practice, or you can dive in deep and make your whole deck over a full, juicy weekend... whatever feels good to you. It's your journey. I'll be there to guide you.

Also included are many gorgeous and inspiring prompts from beloved Card Contributors throughout the years! Each called in their own word and created their own card and wisdom for you to follow. It's personalized magic just for you!

Our Guest Teachers!

Beloved artists, inspirers and creatives...

Amanda Oaks * Rachel Cole * Deb Taylor * Michelle Ensminger * Mindy Scime * Nissa Howard * Susan Tuttle * Carissa Paige * Leah Piken Kolidas * Nina Gilbert * Alisha Sommer * Lisa Parks * Lisa Charles * Terri Fischer * Meghan Genge * Jaimie Ridler * Bella Cirovic * Em Falconbridge * McCabe Russel * Stephanie Parkinson Masland * Jessica Brogan * Ruth Clark * Michelle GD * Rachel Rice * Rene Magnussen * Chris Zydel * C. Delia Mulrooney * Isabelle Abbott * Elizabeth Duvivier * Suzanne Sperl * Jennifer Belthoff * Susannah Conway * Christine Mason Miller * Kelly Clark * Alexandra Hulme * Tracy Clark * Lisa Hoffman * Christina Rosalie * Meghan Davidson * Jenica Lake * Marybeth Bonfiglio * Joanna Otten * Sarah Blackthorn * Jen Lemon * Julie Gibbons * Brittany Soucy * Donna Wynn * Stacy de la Rosa * Stephanie Lee

Included in this class:

*Our Private Classroom where you can find all class content in one handy place. No need to store files, or look for emails on your computer!

* 9 New Videos: on prepping your cards, creating your cards, creating your IAC Elements journal, discussions on the energy of each element, finishing your cards, and using your cards.

* 13 Card Prompts for Each Element, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, including Archetypes and Animal Spirits (a total of 65 cards!(

* New Addition... You create a card to add to each of your element's lexicons - I'll offer you the guidance and inspiration (a lovely way to learn to build you own decks)!

* My favorite spreads to use, easily laid out and explained

* Private Facebook Community for sharing your cards, ideas, spreads, and other card-love

** BONUS 13 New Cards and Video for the 5th element of Spirit

The classroom is open! You can join at any time.

$156 (previously $39 for each of the 4 elements)

5 Element Inner Alchemy Workshop